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Carpet Cleaning Myths and Truths 

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Just like any other objects, relationships, concepts and events, there is always a truth and a myth about it. No matter what country you are in and no matter what race you are, you will always hear about myths and truths all mixed up together.  

To clear things up for professional carpet cleaners like aurora carpet cleaning and many others including carpet owners, we have decided to present this article to you which is about some truths and myths that you could hear all about carpets. 

1. From clean to dirty real quick 

This myth gone on the world because a long time ago, carpet cleaners would leave residue of soap or shampoo on your carpet which has a sticky consistency and this is where the dust and dirt clings to right after the process of cleaning. This is the very reason why a lot of people especially home owners feel that their carpets get dirty quicker when it is cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. But, in the generation of today, there is already an advancement in technology especially on the tools and equipment that is being used, the training and knowledge of the cleaners have also evolved to something better and with this, we could say that this myth is not true as of today. Your carpet, once cleaned by professional carpet cleaners will stay clean depending on how much you care for it. 

2. If you clean your carpet, it will be damaged and it will shrink 

The truth is, if you leave a carpet wet and you do not let it dry, the result will be the shrinking of your carpet. Also, if you have a lot of traffic inside your home, regular cleaning of the carpet is the best thing that you should in order to maintain it properly. You also have to understand that while the technology for carpet cleaning equipments and training have risen, the quality of carpet also improved in the long run. They are not like the old ones that are damaged so easily because of poor quality. As of today, there are a lot of trusted brands out there that sells the best quality carpet possible. But what you have to understand is that, you have to make sure that your carpet is dried completely before you use it because of the reason mentioned above. You also need to clean it a couple of times a year when you the foot traffic in your home is heavy. If you want your carpet to last longer, take care of it well.  

3. Your carpet would survive a long time without cleaning 

We like to put this out there that this is absolutely false. You should change your mind set about how dirty a carpet is. The dirt in your carpet is not only limited to the stains and dust that you can with your naked eye. Because there are a lot of dirt and micro organisms that stick on the fibers on your carpet and this will surely cause your carpet to wear out faster. Everyone who owns a carpet should know that there is a need for you to clean your carpet twice a year and more than that if you have a lot of people going in and out of your home. You must also vacuum your carpet as frequent as possible so that it will be safe for your health and it will not cause your carpet to wear out faster than it should.  

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